Marchman Act DeSoto County

Marchman Act DeSoto County

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Marchman Act Addiction Treatment in DeSoto County, Florida

The struggle with addiction can feel insurmountable. Occasionally individuals afflicted by substance use disorders may reject treatment, leaving families in turmoil and despair. Fortunately, there is a powerful tool for families and friends in DeSoto County, Florida. This tool is the Marchman Act – a unique Florida legislative act aimed at providing involuntary treatment for those with severe substance use disorders who resist treatment.

The Florida Marchman Act or the Hal. S. Marchman Alcohol and Other Drug Services Act of 1993 is a piece of Florida legislation that provides for the involuntary or voluntary assessment, stabilization, and treatment of an individual abusing drugs or alcohol. Named after Hal Marchman, a past lawmaker and advocate for addiction recovery, this act is specifically designed to assist families in Florida with loved ones who deny their addiction problem, refuse treatment, or are at critical risk due to their substance abuse.

In DeSoto County, Florida, the Marchman Act provisions can be invoked when the affected individual is unable to make rational decisions regarding their safety and health due to their substance use. It essentially allows for families and friends, through a court process, to request professional assessment and treatment to protect their loved ones.

How Can We Help You Invoke the Marchman Act in DeSoto County, Florida?

As specialists in the field of addiction recovery, we assist families and friends in navigating the legal process of the Marchman Act in Florida. Our team assists in the process to ensure the best possible outcome for your loved one.

Our help starts with understanding the detailed procedure of the Marchman Act. The initial step involves filing a sworn petition to the clerk of the court, stating detailed facts about the individual’s substance abuse and refusal of treatment. The court will then review the petition to determine if there is substantial evidence to warrant further proceedings.

If the court decides the evidence is sufficient, an official hearing date is given, where we can aid in preparing for the presentation of the case. If the court finds just cause, an order for involuntary assessment can be given, which can last up to 5 days. This assessment will determine the extent of the substance abuse problem if treatment is required, and the kind of treatment needed.

Assuming that treatment is required, a second petition for treatment is filed – with this process; we are here to help. If the court orders an involuntary treatment, it can last initially up to 60 days, and another 90 days if a need arises.

This process takes place in all cities in DeSoto County including:

  • Arcadia

  • Southeast Arcadia

  • Brownville

  • Fort Ogden

  • Hull

  • Lake Suzy

  • Nocatee

  • Pine Level

How Can The Clerk of Court in DeSoto County Help?

The Clerk of Court in DeSoto County provides crucial assistance in implementing the Marchman Act in DeSoto County. They can supply minor or adult filing packets containing the necessary forms and documents to initiate the legal process for a loved one’s involuntary assessment and treatment for substance abuse.

These packets usually include:

  • Instructions about how and where to file the Marchman Act petition

  • Petition for Involuntary Assessment

  • Petition for Involuntary Treatment

  • Sworn affidavits to establish the facts of the case

  • Notice of rights detailing the rights of the afflicted individual

For further questions regarding the process of the Marchman Act, contacting the DeSoto County Clerk of Court directly is highly recommended as they can guide you through the process and address concerns regarding confidentialities and procedures.

The DeSoto County Clerk of Court office is located at 201 E. Oak Street Suite 201, Arcadia FL, 34266

We understand that taking action to invoke the Marchman Act in DeSoto Florida can be an emotionally taxing step. But remember, it is a crucial step taken out of love and concern for your loved one. Our team, along with the dedicated staff at the DeSoto County Clerk of Court’s office, will guide and support you through this complex process with the utmost respect and sensitivity for your situation. Thus, let us stand with you to help your loved one march onwards toward a path of sobriety, recovery, and ultimately, a healthier future.


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