Marchman Act Collier County

Marchman Act Collier County

Marchman Act Collier County

Marchman Act in Collier County, Florida

Welcome to our page focusing solely on the Marchman Act in Collier County, Florida. This page aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Florida Marchman Act and how it can be put to use in Collier County.

What is the Marchman Act? It is a piece of legislation in the state of Florida that ensures access to emergency services and temporary detention for people suffering from severe substance abuse issues—the cases where they refuse or are unable to voluntarily seek help. This Act gives family members, friends, and medical professionals the legal right to petition for compulsory assessment, stabilization, and treatment of the concerned individual. In many cases, the Marchman Act is the last resort to helping individuals trapped in the cycle of addiction.

Our Role

Our team of professionals specializes in addiction treatment navigation and Marchman Act processing in Collier County. We understand the complexity and emotional stress that these situations can induce. Our aim is to provide guidance, support, and relevant information to ensure swift resolution of Marchman Act petitions. We are here to help those in need, remain compliant with the Florida Marchman Act regulations, and get the necessary resources for addiction treatment in Collier County, Florida.

We provide comprehensive services, starting from understanding the patient’s situation, completing the necessary paperwork, guiding through the hearing process, and ensuring admission to an appropriate treatment facility. Let us help you navigate through the procedure and stand by your side throughout the journey.

Collier County and Its Cities

Collier County is located in Southwest Florida, encompassing a multitude of cities. We provide our services throughout the county, which includes the following cities:

  • Everglades City

  • Marco Island

  • Naples

  • Ave Maria

  • Chokoloskee

  • Goodland

  • Immokalee

  • Island Walk

  • Lely Resort

  • Naples Manor

  • Naples Park

  • Orangetree

  • Pelican Bay

  • Pine Ridge

  • Plantation Island

  • Verona Walk

  • Vineyards

No matter where you are located in Collier County, our team is ready and available to serve you.

How to Initiate the Marchman Act Process in Collier County, Florida

The first step is to get in touch with the Office of the Clerk of Court in Collier County. They can provide you with the necessary minor or adult filing packets. These packets contain everything you need to start the Marchman Act proceedings, including:

  • Petition for Involuntary Assessment and Stabilization

  • Petition for Involuntary Treatment

  • Affidavit of Petitioner

  • Certificate of Counsel

Please keep in mind that these are the general contents of the filing packets. The exact contents might vary depending on the specifics of the case and the individual county requirements.

For any additional information, we advise you to contact the Collier County Clerk of Court. Their office is located at:

Office of the Clerk of Court Collier County Courthouse 3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 102 Naples, FL 34112-5324

The journey to recovery may seem arduous, but you are not alone. We, along with the power of the Marchman Act in Collier County, Florida, will help you get the necessary help for your loved ones. Trust in the Marchman Act in Collier County Florida as a stepping stone toward a healthier and alcohol or drug-free life.


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