Marchman Act St. Johns County

Marchman Act St. Johns County

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Marchman Act Addiction Treatment in St. Johns County, Florida

In the state of Florida, one incredibly beneficial piece of legislation, known as the Marchman Act, allows loved ones to help family or friends suffering from addiction, even if they’re unwilling to accept the help. Specifically within St. Johns County, we provide essential resources and assistance to those hoping to enact the Florida Marchman Act to save their family member or friends in the throes of addiction.

The Marchman Act in St. Johns County is a law that empowers families and close friends to petition the court for mandatory assessment and treatment of a person battling substance abuse. Introduced as a form of legal intervention and named after its sponsor, Hal Marchman, the Marchman Act has been a life-saving tool for many in the state of Florida and continues to serve as a critical line of defense against the ongoing battle of addiction in communities within St. Johns County, such as:

  • St. Augustine

  • Ponte Vedra Beach

  • Hastings

  • Fruit Cove

  • Vilano Beach

  • St. Johns

  • Palm Valley

  • Sawgrass

How We Can Assist You?

Enacting the Florida Marchman Act is quite a complex legal process, which is why we’re here to help. Our experienced team can assist you in navigating each step, so you can quickly and correctly file the paperwork required to get your loved one the help they need.

We begin by helping you compile affidavits detailing your loved one’s addiction and the negative impacts it’s had on their life. This critical first step helps lay out the foundation for your petition for involuntary treatment in St. Johns County, whether you’re in St. Augustine Beach, Ponte Vedra, or anywhere else in the county.

Expect an initial hearing shortly after filing the petitions with the Clerk of Court in St. Johns. We help in preparing your statements and gathering the evidence necessary to illustrate your loved one’s need for forced assessment or treatment.

If the court issues an order, law enforcement officers will deliver it and take your loved one to a licensed provider for an assessment. We guide you through finding the most suitable provider who understands the criticality of the Marchman Act in Florida. There, a professional team assesses treatment needs, the length of stay, and potential services.

Upon assessment completion, there’s another hearing where the treatment plan is presented to the court. If approved, a treatment order gets issued, and your loved one then receives the necessary treatment. Your advocacy throughout this process could save their life, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Clerk of Court in St. Johns County, Florida

Understanding the Marchman Act in St. Johns involves interacting with various legal entities, including the St. Johns County Clerk of Court. They provide minor or adult filing packets, comprising essential elements for filing a Marchman Act petition. This includes:

  • Petitions for Involuntary Assessment and Stabilization

  • Petitions for Involuntary Treatment

  • Involuntary Admissions Forms

  • Procedures and guidelines for filling and filing the forms

Please remember that each case is unique. Therefore, the specifications of each form must meet your situation. However, even with these resources, the process can be overwhelming. Always make sure to consult with a professional advisor before starting the proceeding.

For more information, you can reach out directly to the St. Johns County Clerk of Court. The St. Johns County Clerk of Court address is 4010 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine, Florida, 32084.

Through it all, we’re here by your side, offering our experience and guidance to help you navigate the complex and challenging path of enacting the Marchman Act in St. Johns, Florida. We remain committed to providing the necessary assistance and resources in your critical role as an advocate for your loved one’s health, happiness, and ultimately, their life.


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